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Cyclo-Cross Vs Gravel Bike: GCN at ShamXross

Ex-pro rider and GCN presenter Simon Richardson, recently used the #ShamXross course to test out and film hot-laps on a CX and a gravel bike, and asked is there even a difference? We say: #CrossIsBoss, but why not come along to our next race and find out?

We've cheekily grabbed some of our favourite shots from the GCN video - and despite the wind tearing the tape up - doesn't the track look good?!

Thanks GCN for an awesome video!

Images from the GCN video include The Spiral Of Doom, view across the meadows to the old chocolate factory buildings in the Chocolate Quarter, the rollers, and sandpit.

The very important links: GCN website, GCN YouTube channel, and watch the video here,

Wanna use the course? ShamXross is on private land, so sign up to our blog to be the first to know when our next CX training courses and races will be.

As ever, thanks to landowners Taylor Wimpey.

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