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T-5 weeks: skills, kit & league registration

The CX season starts in just five weeks' time! We share top tips for kit, skills and coaching sessions, and the league registration link.

The Western Cyclocross League season starts on Sunday 11th September, and the first and last race will be held at ShamXross.

With just 34 days before the racing starts, that's not much time to get race ready!

"There's three key things to be thinking of at this point pre-season: kit, skills and registration," says Kev Brewski, ShamXross Course Director. "The good news is there's still time to work on this - just don't leave it to the last minute, get started now!"

Got kit?

"Right then, first things first: bike," says Kev. "If there's a spare part you need to replace or upgrade, get it ordered now, we all know that lead-times can be a bit unpredictable these days. Of course I'm going to say talk to the guys at 73 Degrees, they're a key sponsor for us, and a great local bike shop."

"Talking of which, I can't speak highly enough of the bike fitting service John offers at 73 Degrees - get on that waiting list!"

"But seriously, check your CX bike over, take it out for a spin, think about those new tyres you were going to order, set them up tubeless, do all those tweaks now, and then your bike will be sweet for the first race. Better still, put it through its paces at one of our coaching sessions."

Got skills?

We've got some brilliant CX coaching sessions underway - get signed up now! There are sessions running every week until the season starts.

  • CX Coaching for Women & Girls

    • Saturday 13th August, 11am

    • Coached by Heidi from Parallel Cycle Coaching (British Cycling Qualified Coach & Head Coach of the Invictus Cycling Team).

    • These sessions are aimed at women & girls who are new to cyclocross. They will cover the basics of cyclocross and everything you need to know to tackle your first race. Riders who have raced previously are very welcome to come along, refresh skills and share experiences.

    • You don't need a cyclocross bike - a mountain bike or gravel bike is just fine. You must wear a helmet.

    • Complete this form and Heidi will be in touch to confirm your place or answer any queries.

  • CX Skills

    • Tuesday 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th August 6:30pm

    • Coached by Glyn from Westside Coaching (British Cycling Qualified Coach).

    • These sessions are aimed at riders who want to improve their CX skills and fitness. They are suitable for all abilities.

    • You don't need a cyclocross bike - a mountain bike or gravel bike is just fine. You must wear a helmet.

    • There are multiple sessions: as long as you book, you are welcome to attend one, or a few, or all. £8 a session in advance, £11 on the day.

    • Limited to 15 places for the first 2 weeks so book early to reserve your place.

    • Got a query? email

    • To register, click here.

Get registered!

The races aren't up on the BC site yet (they know, coming soon!).

But, the good news is, the Western CX League Winter 2022/2023 Registration form is live >>> here >>> so get registered!

"If you're thinking of racing in the league, please register," said Kev. "It's free, enables you to accrue league points, and really helps the volunteers who have to do the race admin for each event. And don't forget, if you've raced before, you still need to register - the list is reset to zero at the start of each season."

And lastly...

"We put this zine together at the start of the year, and it's still dead handy," says Kev. "Lots of top tips on what to do from now onwards, through to race day and afterwards. Got a top tip to share? Let us know!"

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